About us

Q: Is the Photo Booth easy to use?
A: The photo booth is very simple to use, the Touch Screen monitor prompts you with instructions and don’t forget that a Photo Booth attendant will be there to help with all your needs!

Q: Will you provide Props?
A: YES! We’ll bring hats, mustaches, lips & glasses on a stick, chalk boards and more. However, we do not always suggest having them. For many weddings and other events, having props can sometimes take away from the “formal” setting of an event and the classic feel of a photo booth so we leave this choice to you!

Q: Are the Props used?
A: We will bring only NEW, never used props to your event and we’ll leave them for you to enjoy when we leave! We also never charge extra for this service.

Q: Can the Photo Booth be setup outside?
A: Sorry, we only do indoor events.

Q: What is the Memory Book option?
A: Our Memory Book is for you to enjoy forever. At the end of the event we will give the book to you. It will be filled with Photo Strips taken at your party. Usually 4 photos and 4 hand written messages will fill the front and back of each page. We will guide each guest to fill out the book. We will provide everything necessary for them. The only thing we need set-up in advance for this option, is a 3' or 6' table with cloth near the booth for the display. If you cannot provide one please let us know in advance so we can provide an alternative.

Q: Will I receive a copy of the photos at the end of the party?
A: YES! You will receive copy of all the photo strips on a flash drive. You can also choose the option of receiving the photo strips and all the individual photos by mail on DVD.

Q: What size are the prints?
A: The booth prints a double 2×6 photo strip. (One for guest to keep and the other for the photo Memory Book) If you do not choose a Memory Book, the second photo is still included.

Q: Does the Photo Booth print out photos immediately?
A: YES! After your guests leave the photo booth, their pictures will be ready in just seconds.

Q: What does unlimited photo booth sessions mean?
A. Unlimited sessions mean you and your guests can take as many trips to the photo booth during the rental period as you wish. You receive two 4×6 prints for each session. Typically, one is for the guest and the other for the Memory Book.

Q: Can you print additional copies for the guests at the event?
A: The short answer is no. The reason is so that the maximum amount of guests will be able to enjoy the photo booth. All photo strips are available for upload at the Social Media Kiosk as well as on-line after the event.

Q: Can guests upload their photos to Social Media?
A: YES, through our new Social Media Kiosk and it's available as an option.

Q: Will you Publish our photos online?
A: YES! All images will be posted on our website within 48 hours after the event. You’ll also have the option to password protect your event photos. Guests will receive an event card with the password. This will allow everyone at the event to access the photos, download and print any photos they like.

Q: Are the photos of high quality?
A: YES! With the combination of our Computer, Dye-Sub Printer, and Professional DSLR camera, your prints will look amazing! Be careful of photo booth rental companies using bargain inkjet printers as the quality is extremely low.

Q: Can we add a custom message to our photo strip?
A: YES! We can place names of events and dates as well as company logos at the bottom of each strip. Just supply us with a JPEG of your logo and tell us what message you would like.

Q: Can we regulate how often people visit the Photo Booth?
A: YES! We can work together to come up with a plan before the event if you think there may be a problem. This is commonly considered when lots of kids are at an event, as they tend to use the photo booth a lot. This is okay by us, but if you think it may be a problem then we can implement a “ticket” plan or something of the sort, that way all the adults will get a fair shot at the fun! Q: What if there is a mechanical failure during the event?
A: Our on-site Host will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. Not to worry, we are professional and work fast to remedy any unforeseen problem. If a major problem was to happen and another unit was needed, we are never more than a few minutes away with a replacement.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: YES! We have liability insurance. Most event venues will ask you or us about this, but no worries, we are covered.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You may cancel at any time, however the deposit is non-refundable.
Any request for a date change must be made in writing at least 30 days in advance of the original event date. Date-Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new rental service contract. If there is no availability for the alternate date, the deposit shall be forfeited and contract is null and void.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A. We sure do! Refer a friend and if they book receive $75.00 cash!